E-commerce conversation rate optimization

You should know that Conversation Rate Optimization helps to convert into a higher proportion of your visitors to customers, and they buy more and spend more from the website. This is nothing to bring additional buyers to the site, it’s all about generating current visitor to the buyer, influence buys products from their websites. So, this particular action called CRO.

Let’s properly define to you how CRO works:

In order to find the conversation rate, what you need to find sales per day who brought from your online store to divided by finding the total number of visitors on your site. This process is identifying to improve your revenue and successfully set the goals. Soon you will start to discover what visitor take out their credit cards.

CRO system is tried and tested “Scientifically proven” by many companies. You can select what counts as a set out as a target in your analytics tool such as sharing of a piece of content, clicking onto a particular page, pick into a pop-up on your site, etc. When speaking of conversions in E-commerce, this usually refers to a purchase being made on your online store.

So, here’s a simple six steps for conversation rate optimization to follow:

Step-1: Define a question or Research Phase:

One question in your head, How can we generate more money? So, you have to the optimization program is your aimed to answer this question. How can we use the unit of measurement to generate extra money from visitors?

Step-2: Hypothesis Phase :

This method is based on research and what you observed. Using a Hypothesis, you can change the outcome of your have to make predication on your evidence and research.

Step-3: Experimental Phase:

In the world of conversation rate optimization, the experiment usually takes into two groups in which half of the people see your current page and half of the visitor see the inappropriate changes so that you have to improve your work on RPV(rate per visitors). So, you have to monitor the behavior of your customers, action, and how much time visitor spending on your site. After a short period of time male a report, you can divide the group of person and see the Variation of people behaviors, the interest of products.

Step-4: Analyze the resulting Phase:

The experiment your run one could one of three outcomes:

  • 1. The new variation is a ‘winner’ and your hypothesis is without interruption.
  • 2. The new variation does not ‘win’ and the hypothesis is disproved(prove wrong).
  • 3. And, you can not see any changes from new variation.

In fact, what you have to do, you should best avoid your ‘triumph and disaster’ you have to mentally prepare for positive and negative results. There are you can learn from them, and you can make a new report and variation that you can earn more wages.

Step-5: Interrupt Result Phase :

In conclusion test, your hypothesis method will fail or succeed. So, you should know more about your customers than you did before. Gradually, you will learn more about your customers what works about your customers, and what doesn’t.

Step-6: Record the Result Phase:

Your work is not complete without documented results with each.experiment you can collect more information about your customers. This leads you can generate more long term improvements in sites and generate an increasing amount of money.